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GIT Liability Cover

Cover to protect your business from losses

The GIT Liability cover available when sending goods with Tendring Express Services Ltd

Goods in Transit Contractual Liability
All consignments that travel through the APC Network travel subject to APC Overnight Conditions of Carriage 2004. These conditions automatically apply Standard Liability Cover but upon request can be enhanced to Increased Liability Cover. Exclusions apply and some goods travel at own risk*.
Goods in Transit Contractual Liability

£50.00 standard cover for MP, CP and LW.
£100.00 standard cover for ND,NC and XS.
Other insurance cover is available.

Increased Liability Cover (ILC)

Increased Liability Cover is available up to a maximum of £3,000 per consignment for computers, laptops, computer equipment, peripherals, items containing computerised technology, software, mobile telephones and accessories, or other audio – visual equipment. A limit of £15,000 applies to other goods. There is no excess. Exclusions apply and some goods travel at own risk*.

How do I purchase Increased Liability Cover?

Increased Liability Cover can be purchased from Tendring Express when booking a collection. You must declare the total value of the consignment at the time of sending the goods and you will be charged according to that value. The declared value must reflect the actual value of the goods being transported, taking into account the age and condition of the goods.

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